Puppy’s First Groom

You have your adorable new puppy who is learning all kinds of things about her/his new home and family.

The next step- puppy’s first grooming. Ideally, 4 months old is a good time. The puppy should have received all their puppy shots by then.

Let the groomer know it is Fido’s first time. A lot of pet parents want to make sure the groom goes quickly so as not to stress the pup. In fact, a quality groomer will spend time with your dog to make sure the experience is not rushed and your dog is introduced to grooming tools, sounds and scents to make it a good experience. One they will want to repeat.

Also, much like dropping off your kids at school, dogs can feed off your anxiety. If you are worried and stressed, your dog will feed off those feelings. You don’t stress when you go to the salon, correct?

Safety comes first. Puppies are moving objects that are easily excited. A good groomer will keep that in mind and work accordingly.

Bottom line- your puppy’s first groom may not be spot on cosmetically, but over time they will adjust and you and Fido will find grooming a great experience!

Suzy The Groomer

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