Basic Care For Your Best Friend

In between grooms, there are some basic guidelines to keep your pooch happy and healthy.

Bathing- Bathing is the most under utilized means to keeping your dog healthy. Washing with a gentle, low detergent shampoo on a regular basis will aid in the prevention of skin conditions and allergies.

Brushing- Brushing on a daily basis will decrease shedding and prevent matting of the fur. See your groomer or visit a pet center to ask for guidance on what type of brush is best for your dog’s coat.

Ears- To prevent build up of dirt and prevent infections, clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis. You can purchase ear cleaner for dogs or use hypoallergenic baby wipes. Remember, never stick a cotton swab or other item into your dog’s ear canal.

Teeth- Regular brushing helps prevent plaque, infections and tooth loss. Use a toothpaste especially made for dogs.

Nails- Walks on cement can wear your dog’s nails down. If not short they can be snagged and hurt your pup or you! Your vet or local groomer can trim them for you if you are not comfortable using clippers at home.

Eyes- Dogs can have eye secretion that will build up over time. There are several ways you can prevent this from happening. Using a gentle, wet cloth you can wipe under the eyes. If it has built up, you can use diluted tearless baby shampoo to loosen. Also, dampened secretion can be removed with a flea comb.

Following these steps along with regular vet and groomer visits will provide your best friend with a happy, healthy life.

Suzy The Groomer

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