Halloween Safety For Pets

Halloween is fun for us, and sometimes scary for pets. Here are some tips to keep Fido and Fluffy safe on October 31st.

• Candy is not for pets. Chocolate can be lethal to pets. Candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol is also dangerous.

• Secure your pet in the home. Pets should not be left outside and should be secure in the home due to the opening and closing of doors to greet the trick-or-treaters. Also, costumes can “spook” pets.

• Keep plants away from pets. Small amounts of corn or pumpkin may not be dangerous, but ingesting uncooked portions could be hazardous.

• Keep candle lit pumpkins and electric and battery powered decorations out of reach.

• While it may look cute to us, all pets do not like to wear costumes. Do a trial run before the big day.

• As always, make sure your pets have proper identification. Collars, tags and microchips.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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“There’s No Place Like Home”- Benefits Of Pet Sitting In Your Home

There are several benefits to you and your pet for hiring a pet sitter to come to your home.

• Your pet gets to stay in their familiar environment- familiar sights, smells and sounds
• Keeping their regular routine- feeding times, walks, etc.
• Love and personal attention from the sitter
• No trauma from an unfamiliar environment
• No exposure to illnesses or parasites from other animals

In addition, you will have peace of mind that your best friend is happy and healthy!
Keep in mind, your pet sitter should be licensed, bonded and insured.

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Puppy’s First Groom

You have your adorable new puppy who is learning all kinds of things about her/his new home and family.

The next step- puppy’s first grooming. Ideally, 4 months old is a good time. The puppy should have received all their puppy shots by then.

Let the groomer know it is Fido’s first time. A lot of pet parents want to make sure the groom goes quickly so as not to stress the pup. In fact, a quality groomer will spend time with your dog to make sure the experience is not rushed and your dog is introduced to grooming tools, sounds and scents to make it a good experience. One they will want to repeat.

Also, much like dropping off your kids at school, dogs can feed off your anxiety. If you are worried and stressed, your dog will feed off those feelings. You don’t stress when you go to the salon, correct?

Safety comes first. Puppies are moving objects that are easily excited. A good groomer will keep that in mind and work accordingly.

Bottom line- your puppy’s first groom may not be spot on cosmetically, but over time they will adjust and you and Fido will find grooming a great experience!

Suzy The Groomer


Basic Care For Your Best Friend

In between grooms, there are some basic guidelines to keep your pooch happy and healthy.

Bathing- Bathing is the most under utilized means to keeping your dog healthy. Washing with a gentle, low detergent shampoo on a regular basis will aid in the prevention of skin conditions and allergies.

Brushing- Brushing on a daily basis will decrease shedding and prevent matting of the fur. See your groomer or visit a pet center to ask for guidance on what type of brush is best for your dog’s coat.

Ears- To prevent build up of dirt and prevent infections, clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis. You can purchase ear cleaner for dogs or use hypoallergenic baby wipes. Remember, never stick a cotton swab or other item into your dog’s ear canal.

Teeth- Regular brushing helps prevent plaque, infections and tooth loss. Use a toothpaste especially made for dogs.

Nails- Walks on cement can wear your dog’s nails down. If not short they can be snagged and hurt your pup or you! Your vet or local groomer can trim them for you if you are not comfortable using clippers at home.

Eyes- Dogs can have eye secretion that will build up over time. There are several ways you can prevent this from happening. Using a gentle, wet cloth you can wipe under the eyes. If it has built up, you can use diluted tearless baby shampoo to loosen. Also, dampened secretion can be removed with a flea comb.

Following these steps along with regular vet and groomer visits will provide your best friend with a happy, healthy life.

Suzy The Groomer

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Dog Hair Everywhere

It’s getting warmer. That means your dog is most likely shedding more than usual. Especially if you have a dog with an undercoat; Labs, Huskies, Retrievers, Shepherds, etc.

There is hope! A deshed process is just what your pup needs. A deshed can be very beneficial to your dog, your house, your car and your clothes!

The process consists of brushing before the bath, special shampoo, conditioner and tools designed to loosen the undercoat. A follow up with a proper blowout completes it.

Done on a consistent basis, you will notice a decrease in shedding and have a happier dog and a cleaner environment.

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The Right Style For Your Pup

Me and Jodie
Communication is key to getting the preferred groom you want for your best buddy. Imagine going into your hair salon and asking for “a little off” and leaving with a super short ‘do. “A little off” can mean different things to different people. That said, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when you visit the groomer.

• Puppy Cut- A puppy cut is the same length all over, clipped to two inches or less. Specify how short you want the coat to be. The puppy cut will ensure easy upkeep between grooms.

• Teddy Bear Trim- This cut will consist of a fuller, round face, the legs a longer length than the body. This cut will require brushing and more upkeep between grooms.

• Summer Cut- This requires the coat cut short all over except the ears and the tail. The head can be styled in several different ways depending on your preference.

Pictures can also be helpful. Keep in mind, much like going to a hair salon, if you have thin, curly hair and bring in a picture of a full, thick, straight ‘do, you probably won’t look like the picture. Discuss your dog’s coat type with the groomer to determine the best route.

Bottom line, be open and communicate your wishes with the groomer. We want you and your pup to be satisfied!

Suzy Suring

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